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Glenna Nahachick


Indian Registration Administrator

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Jolene Lamouche



Band Membership is available for individuals who are eligible to apply. 

As of August 5, 2011 the Membership Code was amended:

Persons who are registered before this date are automatically Band Members.

As of August 6, 2011 Persons who are registered after this date are eligible to apply for Band Membership.

Membership Code 

 3.  Persons who are entitled to Membership:

3.1  Upon submitting a complete application, an Indian Person both of whose parents are Members shall have their name entered on the Membership List.

3.2  Upon submitting a complete application, an Indian Person who has one parent who is a Member shall have their name entered on the Membership List.

If you have a Treaty Card which was issued after July 2011 and it states your Registry Group is Whitefish Lake First Nation, please contact Membership to ensure that you are listed on the Band Membership List. If you need to fill out an application to apply for membership, the application can be printed here. If you need help with filling out the application or have any questions or concerns, contact Membership.

Birth Certificates

Whitefish Lake Band Membership Office is ordering Birth Certificates for children and newborns that are eligible to be registered with Whitefish.

REMINDER: Children are to be registered before they are EIGHTEEN (18) MONTHS OLD.


Band Membership Application

Help with filling out Child Tax Benefit Form

Commissioner of Oaths

Estate of Death: Forms for Administrator

Letter of Confirmation of Band membership with WFLFN

New Status Cards


Applications are now available for the new status cards - Secure Certificate Indian Status Card (SCIS). The laminated cards are no longer being made. We take walk-ins for Status card applications on:


To book an appointment 

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