COVID-19 Support for

Whitefish Lake First Nation #459 Members

The Whitefish Lake First Nation #459 (“WFLFN”) is committed to supporting WFLFN members during this difficult and uncertain time due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Schedule “4” of the Agricultural Benefits Settlement Trust Agreement permits expenditures for Health and Public Safety and allows the Nation to make payments to individual members for assistance for which all Members are eligible to apply.


Upon application, WFLFN will provide a support payment to WFLFN members (the “Support Payment”). The Support Payment will not exceed $1,000 per member. 


Eligibility Requirements for the Support Payment

To be eligible for the Support Payment you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a member of WLFN #459; and

  • Have been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.


How do I apply for the Support Payment?

To apply for the Support Payment, members must complete and submit an application form. All family members living at the same address or household should be included in the same application form.


If a family member is under the age of 18, The minor’s guardian must complete an Acknowledgment of Trustee, Release, and Indemnity Agreement. 


Application forms will be available for download on the official Whitefish Lake First Nation website and Facebook page.  Acknowledgment of Trustee, Release and Indemnity Agreement for minors will also be available for download. 


Completed application forms can be submitted to:


For on-reserve members, workers from WFLFN will be available to deliver and pick up the application forms. Forms will also be made available at the Atikameg Confectionery. 

Application Forms

  1. Application Form

  2. Acknowledgement of Trustee Release and Indemnity Agreement Form. This is the form parents or legal guardians, as trustees, fill out for their minor children.

If members do not have access to a computer or printer, there are apps available that can be used to fill out the PDF forms from a phone, such as Adobe Fill & Sign. 

Completed forms can be submitted to: 

Click the PDF's to download each form. There are 2 forms to fill out and sign.