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Indigenous Skills and Employment
Training Program (ISETP)

Mission Statement 

The Indigenous Skills and Employment Training Program (ISETP) offers support for those needing special training which prepares them for employment by providing service, professional  advice and recommendations through respectful partnerships. We empower our Nations through forward thinking and seizing opportunities that  facilitate innovative strategies to reach both individuals and collectively defined objectives.

ISETP 3 Main Priorities

  • Supporting demand-driven skills development,

  • Fostering partnerships with the private sector and the provinces and territories; and

  • Placing emphasis on accountability and results

For more information or to apply

contact ISETP Coordinator

Angeline Thunder


  • Skills Development

  • Training for high-demand jobs

  • Job search supports

  • Programs for youth

  • Persons with disabilities

  • Access to child care

Programs ISETP provides funding for (but not limited to):

  • Heavy Equipment Training

  • Registered Dental Assistant

  • Human Resources Management

  • Health Care Aide

  • Licensed Practical Nurse

  • Pre-employment Carpenter

  • Plumber

  • Electrician

  • Medic

  • Culinary

  • Parts & Material Technician

  • Early Learning & Childcare

  • Aboriginal Teacher

  • Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy Program

  • Bachelor of Education

  • Bachelor of Arts Program

  • Computer Network Specialist Program

  • Business Management Diploma

  • Forestry Technician Program

  • Learners CLASS 7

  • CLASS 1 Training

  • Academic upgrading for courses needed to get into a specific program/trade

ISETP covers funding for:

  • Tuition, books, transportation, living allowance, relocation fees

  • Supplies needed for program (ex: PPE)

  • Mentorship wages

  • Academic Upgrading

  • Essential Skills (Life Skills)

  • Self-Employment

  • Completion Bonus ($500)

  • Identification needs (Alberta Govt. issued ID)

  • Supports for persons with disabilities

  • Childcare

  • Criminal Record Checks

  • Support of in school youth

  • Wage subsidies

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