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Elders Support

Whitefish Lake First Nation's Elders and Community support department is where our Elders 60 years old and over can find help or are in need of support in any way.


For Elders Support or more information, please contact Elders Coordinator Dwayne Thunder

Phone: (780)-780-536-1246

When we were younger we listened to our Parents, our Elders; we need to bring that back. I was brought up in a residential school, I lost all that [knowledge] how to live in the bush. But I regained it back from my Dad when I would go hunting with him. He would tell me the different cree names for everything, the muskeg, different types of trees etc... This younger generation spends too much [time] on computers and phones, its not bad but we need to balance that. We need to bring back our language, its a real special language from the Creator. [To learn from our Elders] young people have to ask, and need to understand Cree. I would encourage young people to speak Cree. You just have to want to learn it, and you can learn.

- Danny Laboucan, Elder 

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