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Updated Notice: Community Lockdown Measures

May 04, 2021

At a duly convened meeting, and by way of a passed motion, Chief and Council have decided to ease the current total community lockdown restrictions, which ends at 12 noon May 04, 2021.

This updated notice will be in force as of 12 noon May 04, 2021 and will remain in effect until further notice and will be monitored continuously. In the event that the Covid and variant case numbers are of concern, and other factors, further lockdown measures may be considered and may be announced within a short period of time.

Please note that although there will be an easing of restrictions, community residents are encouraged to continue to practice safety measures as there continues to be high active Covid and variant cases in the region, and especially in the identified hotspots across Alberta. Security will provide information to residents so that they are aware of where the high active cases are located.

Residents are encouraged to practice the following safety measures (but is not limited to):
• Social distancing
• Washing hands and sanitization
• Wear a mask
• Restrict your travel
• Stay home and self-isolate if you believe that you have Covid-19 symptoms or may have been in close contact with a confirmed case.

Updated Lockdown Measures:

1. Security will continue to monitor traffic and will be stationed at selected community entry gates and will:
• Monitor the community traffic
• Monitor highway traffic
• Take mandatory temperature checks at the community entry gates
• Gather information and keep track on where people are going
• Record license plate numbers
• Provide information to residents as required
• Perform other duties as required

2. Only Band members of WFLFN, residents of the community and certain essential service providers may enter the community. Essential service providers include the following:
• Health service providers
• Teachers
• Plumbers, electricians, and other trades required for community
• Internet providers
• Water truck
• Sewer truck
• Confectionary delivery
• Post office delivery
• Other essential service providers required to perform work services for the community

3. Security will continue to monitor persons, or households, that are under isolation or quarantine orders and will ensure that there are no visitors and leaving the residence yard. If residents do not comply with an isolation or quarantine order, Security will inform the RCMP.

4. Curfew hours of 11:00 pm to 6:00 am will remain in effect and will be strictly enforced.