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Post - Secondary

Student Assistance 


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Assistance will be provided for three levels of post-secondary educaton.


Community college and Certificate/Diploma Programs - Max 2 years


Undergraduate programs -

Max 4 academic years, Bachelor Degree


Masters Program - 2 academic years;

Doctoral Program: 1 academic year

Professional degree programs, e.g.

Law, Medicine, - 3 academic years

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Any payment to any student may be suspended if:


Notice is received of a student withdrawing or dropping out of a program of study.


A student's status changes from full time to part time.


A student fails to obtain the minimum credits required by his/her chosen program of studies in the academic semester. A student must send in their marks after each semester.

Side view of a young male college student doing homework in the library.jpg
Side view of a young male college student doing homework in the library.jpg

Deadline to submit applications is May 15 of each year for the following September intake.

All applications are handed in to a selection committee the first week of June. Letters  informing applicants whether or not they have been approved for funding will then be sent out. Funding is only available to members that are listed on the Band Member List.

Email your completed application to Anna Okemow at


An ACADEMIC YEAR is as defined by the post-secondary institution, but will not be less than eight months duration. This program does not fund upgrading. Students must have a Grade 12 certificate or Diploma to qualify. Once a student completes a program, they must wait 3 years to reapply. Members wishing to elevate their level of education to a masters or doctorate will qualify for tuition only: especially if applicant is currently employed.

If a student is terminated by the institution, with the exception for verified medical documentation, he/she will not be eligible for program funding for at least two academic years following the termination.

If you have any questions, contact:

Anna Okemow

Director of Education

Phone: 587-930-6293


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